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With some of the best penis enlargement products on the market and endorsements from top urologists across the world, Andromedical provides self-confidence and safe, reliable penile augmentation for those who need it. Our product allows customers to increase their self-esteem using high-quality products. But without dedicated sales professionals, we are just as bad as any other male enhancement product on a late-night infomercial. In short, we are only as good as our people.

If you want to help bring self-confidence and strength back to men all around the world, and make great money in the process, join our international community of successful Andromedical Resellers. In order to become a lucrative distributor you need two things:

Why this industry?

Great-selling. High-quality products.

Selling Andropenis means you are representing the future of male enhancement. Remember back in the 60’s, when breast enlargement first hit the mainstream? Back then it was a taboo subject and the majority of people were skeptical. But the breast enlargement industry skyrocketed soon thereafter. If only you could have been in on it since the beginning. There’s nothing quite as sour as a missed opportunity. Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a booming industry. Male enhancement is well on its way to becoming as culturally accepted and popular as breast enlargement has become. But unlike breast enlargement, surgery is not necessary. The solution is do-it-yourself, the solution is cheap, the solution – the present and future of male enhancement – is Andropenis.

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Andromedical is an established leader in the male enhancement and male grooming market. We manufacture products according to the highest standards. We only sell products that are fully backed-up by scientific studies, and with the necessary medical and quality certifications and licenses. We take great pride in being the only company in male enhancement that is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Our flagship Product, Andropenis is a Class I Medical Device registered with the CMDCAS of Canada, patents in numerous countries and Health licenses in the European Union, Canada, Russia, Australia and China, amongst many other countries.
Andromedical offers you the possibility to work together in selling our products worldwide as an Andropenis official distributor. We believe that we can offer you first-class products with great commercial possibilities, which will enable you to join in the highly profitable market of male enhancement and grooming.
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We are always interested in cooperating with retail and business partners around the globe.
Andromedical’s success begins with quality customer service – whether from our hired sales technicians or from qualified retailers and wholesalers interested in combining our great male enhancement products with their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. If you are interested in forging a mutually beneficial business partnership based on trust and respect, we would love to work with you. Become an Andromedical penile augmentation device reseller today, and start making profit!
An industry strengthened by Crisis? The international economic times have been tough on everybody, well almost. There are industries that are scarcely affected in times of recession, some of them are even strengthened; a lot of these industries are related to sex and sexuality. The reason being is simple, when times are tough; people tend to go out less. If you go out less… you can see where this is going. Sex is a leisure activity that few people are willing to give up. With lack of other things to do, sexual activity increases in times of recession. Hence why Andromedical sales have gone up, not down.
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ANDROMEDICAL is ISO 13485 Medical Devices Certified and ISO 10993 of Biocompatibility. Our medical devices have Free Sale Certificate.